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The Official Catholic Directory 2016
~ Jubilee Year of Mercy Special Edition ~

First published in 1817 by P.J. Kenedy & Sons, The Official Catholic Directory® is the most authoritative resource available today. The new 2016 Edition provides Clergy and Non-Clergy members with the most up-to-date personnel changes, new appointments and assignments, and updated contact information for all 211 (arch) dioceses in the United States and the hundreds of (arch) dioceses around the world.

Features of the 2016 Edition includes:

  • Thoroughly updated (arch) diocesan entries, confirmed and approved by each (arch) diocese
  • Listings for Religious Orders of Men and Women, Missionary Activities and Foreign Missions
  • A detailed User's Guide and Glossary with definitions
  • Valuable statistics for the 211 (arch) dioceses including two Apostolates, and one Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, with a detailed General Summary in the index
  • E-mail and website information for Catholic institutions, where available
  • A map detailing Catholic (arch) diocesan and province boundaries in the United States
  • A Products & Services Guide advertising goods specific to the Catholic Church and its patrons
  • An Index that lists priests alphabetically for easier and faster access
  • A Necrology Index
See what our readers have to say

"There is nothing like The Official Catholic Directory to learn about the structure of the Catholic Church in AmericaÖEach year, we look forward to an updated copy to help us keep abreast of ecclesiastical changes. For us, it is a treasure-trove of information to keep us close to our Catholic roots in America. May it continue to prosper!"

Monsignor Roger C. Roensch
Former Director, Bishopís Office for U.S. Visitors to the Vatican,
Pontifical North American College, Rome Italy

"The directory has proved to be an invaluable reference work. We use it regularly for our tax exempt information for our many sponsored ministries and for the donors who require this informationÖThank you for the meticulous gathering of information which is required for publication."

Sister Ladonna Kassmeyer
Congregational Secretary
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

"The Official Catholic Directory is an indispensible tool for keeping up-to-date with the church in the U.S. All the priests and all the chancery office personnel in the U.S. use it. With as much as priests move around, itís amazing how accurate this book remains. Iíve never had a bad address, phone number or contact information from it. You go into any rectory or any church office, that book is there. Now that I know about the CARA study, Iím especially looking forward to the new edition!"

Father Chris Heath
Parochial Vicar
St. Edward the Confessor Parish, Dana Point, CA

Papal Edition

For over 25 years, a special Papal Edition of The Official Catholic Directory® has been prepared for presentation to the Pope. The white leather-bound book has a gilded cover bearing the Papal coat-of-arms as well as gilded pages.

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